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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by RealKinetix, Jul 10, 2019.

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    Hi there!
    I have ispconfig installed across several servers in a multiconfig setup, they're all running Debian, mostly stretch at this point.
    I want to replace the master ispconfig server (not necessarily migrating the users, etc.) as I not only want to update to buster (not really an issue on a production system) but also wish to utilize nginx instead of apache (probably a pretty big issue on a production system).
    I've set up the new server and I was hoping it wouldn't be too tricky to import the dbispconfig database from the current master server, but of course if I do that it wipes out the data of the freshly installed system.
    So, is this process possible? Is it possible to import the old dbispconfig db and insert the server config row(s) from the fresh installation (or whatever's necessary)?
    Also, if this is possible to do, is demoting the old master to a slave possible with adjustments to the server or is it more complicated than that?
    Thanks in advance!
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    I found something interesting - On the new server which will hopefully become the new master: if I modify line 401 in ispconfig's install/lib/installer_base.lib.php so that it actually populates a specific server_id (as opposed to it always being '1'), and I do the install, then 'insert ignore' the tables from the current master, I seem to have a working master... at least, from the UI perspective on this new server.

    However, in practicality, I don't know what might be broken, if anything. And, I have not yet tried to make the old server a slave of this potential new master.

    Is making the old master a slave going to work just by adding in the dbmaster_* config entries to it's server/lib/
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    RealKinetix New Member

    Also, not sure why I called it a 'multiconfig' setup - sorry for the confusion, it should be multiserver.
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  5. till

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    Yes, the master is the server with ID 1. If you want to move the master, then you'll have to move its ispconfig installation to a new server as it is so that it retains server_id 1. You can do that e.g. with the ISPCopy tool which is part of the Migration Toolkit.
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    Fortunately, I managed to grok enough from the previous posts to get the data moved over and adjusted so the old master became a different server number, and then got updated to be a slave. It all seems to be working, but did take some time. If I hadn't been sleep deprived I would have liked to have written a step-by-step for the process, as I can imagine it comes up from time to time, and I suspect those with enough comfort level would be happy to just do it manually.

    I understand the migration toolkit could help too, and perhaps in the future I'll buy it - I did purchase the manual in the past and found it very beneficial.

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