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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by blocker, Apr 30, 2012.

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    i am about to move a main ISPconfig server to a new hardware, it is the main server of a ISPConfig3 cluster system. What is the wise way to do that. I have to use another hostname and a new IP on the new server.

    I already moved standalone ISPConfig3 servers with success - moving database, web's, users/groups and mails if any.

    That works, but how about this case when moving a main server, what have to be done except the things that are normally done when moving a standalone isntallation?

    thanks in advance
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    I suggest you to make a clean installation, that happened to me, I don't have a REAL cluster, but I have 4 virtual machines running different services, I had to migrate from a host and ip to another.

    What I first of all did, is making a huge backup of the entire server.
    After that, installed the main server, following the same instructions, and manually copied the main config files for postfix, postgrey, mysql, apache2, and bind9, php, and some more.
    Check the logs while you make the copy to check if you are doing good.

    I think there's no way to do it 100% automatic, and if something crashes, I will be much easier for you to analyze what caused the problem.
    If you make a full transfer to a new hardware... the most normal is that you have lots of errors, so for you I think the best if to do it manually, you can be 2 days making it again, but it's much better.
    I sugg
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    my problem is that this is a main server, and IP and hostname should be changed, i can not use the old one IP/hostname

    normally a manual move of a standalone server is not a problem, but now i am facing the problem that this one is the main server running the interface i and i am not pretty sure what have to be done except the things that are done during a normal standalone setup move. I think in this case there should be database manupulations done on the main server and on the servers in the node, in order the system to be able to function again

    any help much appritiated!
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    Hi again,
    What you are trying I think it's very dangerous for your config.
    Of course you can change all the hostname or ip address in the ispconfig database, including the additional servers, but there's more files you should modify if you copy the entire config.
    What I would do is create a similar environment and after that, when you have installed the same config, would start transfering mails, dns templates, web files, ispconfig source, postfix, fail2ban configurations manually.
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    Hey :) somebody already experienced this scenario?


    i have already installed ispconfig3 and moved /var/www /var/lib/mysql /var/vmail, filled out the missing lines in /etc/passwd and /etc/groups, copied the sites-available and sites-enabled. The hosted sites are working perfect when i test them via my workstation's hosts file (pointing the domains to the new IP).

    the problem is still to get the server act as main cluster server, i can keep the FQDN but i have to change the IP, since this is a dedicated mashine

    any help apprisiated

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