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    My setup was setup about 3 years ago with an All in one server with hostname web2 (web1 was running ispconfig 2)
    I have now moved most of my customers to web2 but because of increasing traffic on my web2 im planning to move the master role / control panel to its own server, with only control panel.

    I will do this to make sure that my customers can access the control panel and edit websites for on my other servers even if web2 is running slow, down for maintenance, or other issues.

    Is it possible to do following:

    • Install new server lets say we give it hostname webpanel I then add webpanel to web2 as slave like I normally would do.
    • set ipsconfig to maintenance mode
    • make a dump of dbispconfig on both web2 and webpanel
    • make a dump of users and permissions used by slave servers
    • import dump from web2 to webpanel
    • import dump of users from web2 on webpanel
    • edit on web2 to tell it to connect to master (webpanel)
    • edit on webpanel to tell it to no longer connect to web2
    • make sure no services is possible to use for customers on webpanel
    • disable maintenance mode in ispconfig

    Should this work, and is there something I should note?
  2. till

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    I guess it will not work. Most data records in the database have server_id columns and the server_id is unique in the cluster. A single server has server_id 1 for all records and the controlpanel server on a multi server setup has server_id 1 too, so when you copy the database from one server to another, it will stay a single server setup that runs controlpanel and sites on the same system. So if you would want to do that, you will have to edit records in the database.

    My recommendation is to add a second server as slave to your current server, so the current server will stay the master. Then you can add new sitees from the controlpanel of the first server on the second server or you migrate some of the largest sites to the new server if the load on the old one gets too high.

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