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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by vwpete, May 9, 2011.

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    I have looked at all kinds of backup scripts etc on the forum, but i carn't really get the idea on how to best move a client or an email account or a website from one ispconfig 3 server to another! I setup and tried multi site but that did not give me the option.

    So just wondering whats the recommended way to go about it, I have a website that has kinda outgrown one of the servers and I want to move him to another.

    I have setup a new server just wondering how best to go about it.

    I do have the manual but it does not mention this.


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    yucky! :)

    So have to create the accounts on the new server and manually move each service over.

    So it gets really fiddley if ya want to move a few websites, as the web paths change /client2/web5 becomes /client1/web2 so you have to manually move them and chown them, is that correct? or is there a way to create a client and website and make sure it gets the same web paths, so you can just rsync it straight over with no manual directory fiddling?

    Also with regard to the emails, i have around 25 of them, if i have to manually create, bit boring but fair enough, but how about the passwords how do i find them out?

    same for the databases how do i find out the passwords


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    That depends on your setup. If you use a multiserver setup, then all paths are unique for the whole cluster, so the path remains the same when you move a site to another server.

    The passwords are in the ispconfig mysql database (see mysql_user table). Just copy the passwords from the old database to the new database.

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