Mostly not recieving mail, sending OK

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by BvO, Mar 22, 2010.

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    I use ISPCONFIG 2.2.35 with Debian 5.0.4.
    After removing one account (problems with receiving email) and creating it again, I see not all e-mail in my webmail (squirrel) and also not in any E-mail client (Outllok2003/thunderbird3).
    It's with Imap and Pop the same issue.
    I tried with an other (existing) user and it's all OK. Also I noticed when I created a totally new user I can not receive e-mail correctly. In /var/log/mail.log is nothing strange to see.
    What only works is putting a forward on that account to another external account. I also checked the box (leave a copy on the server). This all seems not to work (anymore)
    Any suggestion is welcome.

  2. till

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    Please try to disable mailscan in the mailbox sttings, in case that you had enabled it. If this wont help, disable spamfilter and antivirus too.
  3. BvO

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    Great it did the trick. I had not turned om mailscan, but I had turned on spamfiltering and viruscanning. Those 2 i turned off and .......I receive mail.

    But now the question how can i fix this and turn it "safely" on again?

    Thanks in advance!

  4. till

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  5. BvO

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