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    I've made a few patches to ISPConfig that combine sender_bcc_maps and recipient_bcc_maps together - both incoming and outgoing mail can be monitored on a per user basis. I've also incorporated it into the front end [image attached]. I will post the code once I have tested it thoroughly and made the proper diff files.


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    Are there any thoughts of the community to make any hint or similar in the frontend to this function with regards to data privacy, that should be taken care of, depending on each country's law?
    Something like a red alterbox when filing this field, just to remind people of beeing aware of what they are doing depending on the environment they use ispconfig for.
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    It would be (quite) trivial to create an alert. However, I think terms of service to the _end_ customer should be outside of the purview of ISPConfig or any control panel for that matter.

    Using/not using of functions that may have an impact on privacy is entirely up to the administrators of the system, and they should probably include terms of service in their contracts with customers or at minimum in the welcome mail to customers.

    As an example, this function is going to be used in a corporate mail system, where the employees are explicitly informed that mail can/may be monitored for auditing purposes.

    In any case, it is (equally) trivial to create monitoring systems of this nature outside of ISPConfig by directly editing/adding sender_bcc_maps/recipient_bcc_maps/always_bcc to the postfix configuration files.

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    I've taken what you've suggested into consideration, and made a (very small) modification to the template flagging that this option has privacy implications

    The mod has been working fine in a production environment, so will be putting the patches and howto up later today.

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