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    Hi all,

    I have two kind of PHP version for my sites: 5.4.4 (debian package) and 5.3.28 (source). I'v done it by this howto.
    Today I had to add a new library (jsmin) to the additional 5.3.28 PHP version. I'v installed it as you can see here.

    When I checked it with the "/opt/phpfcgi-5.3.28/bin/php-cgi -m" command, I saw jsmin in the list, but phpinfo showed me it was not loaded.

    Then I figured out, that if I change the PHP version of the site to PHP 5.4.4 (which is the default), and change back to PHP 5.3.28, then phpinfo can see the new jsmin library. But the other sites with PHP 5.3.28 still not see this library.

    So I should have to change back and forth all of my PHP 5.3.28 sites, or is there an easier/better way to modify the additional PHP version with ISPConfig?

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