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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by DCGWS, Dec 10, 2007.

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    First of all I would like to thank the developers that made ISPConfig, I am using and it's great! Thanks!

    I am a web designer and web developer who also offers web hosting as a Value added service for my clients. I was renting a Virtual Dedicated Server thru GoDaddy and was recently warned about overutilizing resources. So I, having never seen a Linux box before, decided to fire up a Fedora core 8 install following to the letter the instructions of The Perfect Server Fedora 8 from this forum. Amazingly, it worked! Thanks, again.

    My problem is this, I need to somehow host multiple SSL sites on one IP. Yes, I know that this is next to impossible. Yet, I recently read about using mod_gnutls on the server. I followed the instructions to the letter and it worked except that when I tried using a Go Daddy SSL cert, I received an error about Syntax error in mod_gnutls.conf due to not being able to load the private key.


    I have read your comments regarding mod_gnutls and I am willing to compromise performance in order to continue serving my clients need while at the same time keeping my own costs down.

    One note: I tried upgrading openssl to the 0.9.8g for TLS support yet when I check openssl version it still says 0.9.8b...

    Remember I am a Linux newbie. Can you give me some guidance??

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    Hi Falko, thanks for replying. Yes I did see this tutorial but since it is for a Debian Etch, I don't have enough experience on Linux (Fedora Core 8 with ISPConfig, exact configuration as your wonderful tutorial). I don't know how to port it for my particular distribution.

    For example, I can't find apt-get, pbuilder... Not even sure of my correct install paths.

    Please help me. I know that you might think I'm too much of a newb to be trying this stuff, but here in the Philippines, we're lucky to even have 1 static IP...

    Thanks in advance!
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