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    can please someone explain why in mod-PHP mode for sites
    "You cannot use the Custom php.ini settings field on the Options tab of a web site in ISPConfig to specify custom php.ini settings (see chapter"

    In my istallation is only mod-PHP allowed
    allow override is: "Indexes AuthConfig Limit FileInfo Options=Indexes"
    which means user can chnage any values for apache in .htaccces except PHP values.
    Thas is working in ISPC2 for me, which has also mod-PHP, if i'm right..

    but sometimes i need memory limit and some other stuff for the users

    As the manual says i cannot change "Custom php.ini settings" these are not passed do vhost conf, and if i put something to "Apache directives" window like php_admin_value memory_limit 128MB
    phpinfo doesnt work then (blank page, probably PHP not working at all)
    in error log is
    PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 262144 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 523800 bytes) in Unknown on line 0
    but in /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini is "memory_limit = 48M"

    Why is this restriction, can i change it somehow, by editing some ISPC scripts ??
    I don't want allow users change theirs PHP settings, but allow for adminstrator. DOn't want to use Fast-CGI users are confused from it, most of software and tutorials is ready for mod-PHP...
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    This is a restriction of mod_php and not a restriction in ispconfig. mod_php simply does not support custom php.ini files for every vhost. So if you want to enable that, you will have to change the code of mod_php and not ispconfig.

    But for mod_php, you dont use a custom php.ini file as you set config values for mod_php with "php_flag" and "php_value" directives in the apache directives field instead of the php.ini field.

    Thats a bad decision security wise and also a bad decision for your customers as their scripts will not work as good with mod_php then they would work with fcgi-php + suexec enabled. All php scripts and cms systems that I used in the last years work fine with fcgi and almost all cms systems work even much better with php-fcgi and suexec as this allows the upload and update functions in the cms systems to work properly and is also more secure then using mod_php.
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    DO you have idea if this setting consume more system resources than mod-PHP ? i'm trying to configure ISPC for using with 100+ web pages environment ...

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