Mixed ISPConfig Setup (Apache node and Nginx Node)

Discussion in 'General' started by DanielP, Dec 4, 2013.

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    Hello, I plan to use cluster with one VPS for control panel / second backup location and plan to install it with Apache and add rackster.ch Nginx proxy plugin (for easy configuration of php myadmin, rodundcube etc...)

    But i wonder if i add to control panel node - web only nginx one without control panel on it do I'll have nginx Directives fields and redirect in Site >> Options in the ISPConfig panel isntalled on the first node (which is Apache one) ot this depends on what node is installed control panel

    Any help will i do cluster only once with kloxo for a test and now got some cheap black friday promo vps-s ) want to have peace of art configuration)
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    You can not run a mirrored cluster with one nginx and one apache node. A multiserver setup without mirroring will work.
  3. DanielP

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    Here is my plan (i'm not good at drawing) All vps based (128 MB ram /128 MB vswap for dns) 512 kvm for Mail server

    512 / For control panel node

    MySQL 4G node and Nginx PHP-FPM will be 8G,

    I want to acheive no single point of failure with as minimal as possible data loss in case of emergency (not High Availability) and plan use different hardware nodes WEB and MySQL for speed and low cpu usage and different datacenters for control panel, name and mail server

    think will be state of the art small cluster... but never do it before...


    Master / backup /control panel will be nginx proxy (for easy setup)

    Guides I plan to use:

    Mixed setup from Debian Wheezy Guide (do a lot of planning these days)


    Multi server setup guide


    Remote PhpMyadmin guide with ssl
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