missing /etc/init.d/clamd.amavisd

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    Hey Falko,

    BRAVO on all the PERFECT SERVER docs... we LOVE them!!! : )

    On page 4, http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect-server-centos-6.3-x86_64-nginx-dovecot-ispconfig-3-p4, I have an error with the clamd.amavisd object.

    It doesn't exist.

    The install ran fine (below).

    PROBLEM: I didn't get a clamd.amavisd object in /etc/init.d, I just have clamd and amavisd.


    Dependencies Resolved
    Package Arch Version Repository Size
    amavisd-new i686 2.6.6-3.el6.rf rpmforge 745 k
    clamav i686 0.97.5-7.el6.art atomic 13 M
    clamd i686 0.97.5-7.el6.art atomic 144 k
    spamassassin i686 3.3.1-2.el6 base 1.1 M
    unrar i686 4.2.3-1.el6.rf rpmforge 113 k
    Installing for dependencies:
    altermime i686 0.3.10-3.el6 epel 48 k
    arc i686 5.21p-1.el6.rf rpmforge 64 k
    arj i686 3.10.22-12.el6 epel 152 k
    cabextract i686 1.4-1.el6.rf rpmforge 46 k
    clamav-db i686 0.97.5-7.el6.art atomic 12 k
    freeze i686 2.5.0-11.el6 epel 26 k
    lha i686 1.14i-19.2.2.el6.rf rpmforge 45 k
    lzo i686 2.03-3.1.el6 base 62 k
    lzop i686 1.02-0.9.rc1.el6 epel 50 k
    ncompress i686 4.2.4-54.el6_2.1 base 24 k
    nomarch i686 1.4-6.el6 epel 18 k
    p7zip i686 9.20.1-2.el6 epel 630 k
    perl-Archive-Zip noarch 1.30-2.el6 base 107 k
    perl-BerkeleyDB i686 0.43-3.el6 epel 160 k
    perl-Convert-BinHex noarch 1.119-10.1.el6 base 43 k
    perl-Convert-TNEF noarch 0.17-10.el6 epel 20 k
    perl-Convert-UUlib i686 2:1.4-1.el6 epel 217 k
    perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-Bignum i686 0.04-8.1.el6 base 34 k
    perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-RSA i686 0.25-10.1.el6 base 38 k
    perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-Random i686 0.04-9.1.el6 base 22 k
    perl-Digest-HMAC noarch 1.01-22.el6 base 22 k
    perl-Digest-SHA1 i686 2.12-2.el6 base 49 k
    perl-Encode-Detect i686 1.01-2.el6 base 80 k
    perl-IO-Socket-INET6 noarch 2.56-4.el6 base 17 k
    perl-IO-Socket-SSL noarch 1.31-2.el6 base 69 k
    perl-IO-stringy noarch 2.110-10.1.el6 base 68 k
    perl-MIME-tools noarch 5.427-4.el6 base 247 k
    perl-Mail-DKIM noarch 0.37-2.el6 base 121 k
    perl-MailTools noarch 2.04-4.el6 base 101 k
    perl-Net-DNS i686 0.65-4.el6 base 232 k
    perl-Net-LibIDN i686 0.12-3.el6 base 35 k
    perl-Net-SSLeay i686 1.35-9.el6 base 175 k
    perl-Net-Server noarch 0.99-1.el6.rf rpmforge 171 k
    perl-NetAddr-IP i686 4.027-7.el6 base 96 k
    perl-Socket6 i686 0.23-3.el6 base 23 k
    perl-TimeDate noarch 1:1.16-11.1.el6 base 34 k
    perl-Unix-Syslog i686 1.1-3.el6 epel 28 k
    procmail i686 3.22-25.1.el6 base 159 k
    ripole i686 0.2.0-1.2.el6.rf rpmforge 43 k
    zoo i686 2.10-2.2.el6.rf rpmforge 66 k

    Transaction Summary

    # chkconfig --del clamd
    # chkconfig --levels 235 clamd.amavisd on
    error reading information on service clamd.amavisd: No such file or directory
    # ls /etc/init.d
    abrt-ccpp certmonger functions lvm2-lvmetad nfs psacct rpcsvcgssd sssd
    abrtd cgconfig haldaemon lvm2-monitor nfslock quota_nld rsyslog svnserve
    abrt-oops cgred halt mdmonitor ntpd rdisc sandbox sysstat
    acpid clamd ip6tables messagebus ntpdate restorecond saslauthd udev-post
    amavisd cpuspeed iptables mysqld numad rngd single ypbind
    atd crond irqbalance netconsole oddjobd rpcbind smartd
    auditd cups kdump netfs portreserve rpcgssd spamassassin
    autofs dovecot killall network postfix rpcidmapd sshd
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    Did you configure your repositories exactly as shown in the tutorial?

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