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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by bolero, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. bolero

    bolero New Member

    Platform is CentOS 5.2 (I edited dist.txt to get it going). I get the following two errors at the end of the script:

    no. 1:
    Warning: touch(): Unable to create file  because No such file or directory in /usr/src/tarballs/ispconfig/install_ispconfig/install.php on line 1363
    postmap: fatal: usage: postmap [-Nfinoprsvw] [-c config_dir] [-d key] [-q key] [map_type:]file...
    that's "touch($dist_mail_virtusertable)"
    However, I can't see that $dist_mail_virtusertable is defined anywhere, it's at least not in dist.txt. Is it really missing? What is it supposed to be? Why don't you use the default /etc/postfix/virtual ?

    no. 2:
    ./setup2: line 1152: [: ==: unary operator expected
    that's "if [ $dist_ftp_version == "standalone" ]; then"
    I wonder if it's because of the missing quote marks?
    Just restarts ftpd, so no big problem, but what exactly should I do to resolve the first one?

    Finally, I notice that clamav claims it's outdated. I asked a few weeks ago why you roll your own clamav instead of using the one that is usally provided with the distribution or is available from external repo's. You replied "because of security updates". Well, here the cat bites itself in the tail. I could easily have an up-to-date clamav via rpmforge, but I'm stuck with the non-updated from ISPconfig. I'm sure it's not difficult to switch ispconfig to a different clamav. Could you please provide a short explanation what needs to be changed? (Similarly, I would like to see a how-to-switch for spamassassin, just in case ...)

  2. till

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    It is not enough to edit the dist.txt file. There is a much simpler way to install ISPConfig on CentOS 5.2:


    The latest Clamav will be provided with the next ISPConfig version and even the current Clamav is not outdated, ist a wrong error message provided by clamav. The error should read that there is a new software relaese available but the signatures for the current release are still up to date and get updated several times a day.
  3. bolero

    bolero New Member

    I don't see anything that backs this claim. dist.txt is the only source for distribution-dependant information for the setup files. And $dist_mail_virtusertable is *not* distribution-dependant, anyway. It's always the same "/etc/virtusertable". It's set by the values entered into the database. It appears that install.php somehow wasn't able to pick up this value and used a blank one (as main.cf is missing this value after "hash:").

    I also see that this can be changed easily in the web configuration. So, I'm going to set this now to the existing "etc/postfix/virtual".

    I agree that changing the version number in the release file is a far simpler method and I'm going to use that in the future. However, for your setup scripts, there is no difference if they detect 5.1 and use centos51 from dist.txt or if they detect 5.2 and pick up an added centos52 section from dist.txt.

    The code *is* outdated, it reports a functionality level of 29 (of 31). It's not a security problem as this release wasn't done as a security update. Nevertheless, clamav is at 0.93.1 now and it would be *so* easy to use it if ispconfig would allow this. As I said, that shouldn't be that difficult, especially if you gave some hints where to look. It should be a matter of changing some paths or creating a few symlinks.

    From your answers here I get the impression that you want to discourage any attempt to "look under the hood" and see how ispconfig works. Is that just an impression or true?
  4. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    To make it short, you are wrong. You missed all the distribution depending variables in the files inside of the mod directorie and its sub directories.

    You can use the system clamav as well, but mostly we are faster to release updates then the linux distributions. Just in this case we held back the update as it is not security related and we wanted to add some other patches to ispconfig e.g. support for the latest centos and suse releases. But thats up to you. And if you would have searched the forums, you would have find many posts on how to achieve this.

    If you want to get the latest ISPConfig release inc. CentOS support and Clamav 0.93.1, just use the SVN version.

    Here are some posts, all easily be found with the search function of this forum ;)


    Ok, I made about 13.700 posts here in the forum, most about ISPConfig and you want to tell me that I'am not willing to help ISPConfig users? Sorry, but this is just ridiculous. And telling me in your post that you know ISPConfig better then me instead of asking questions will definately not lead to get more detailed explanations
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  5. bolero

    bolero New Member

    You could have told this in the first place one answer above. Thanks. I was just curious what I missed as dist.txt is also the only file that gets mentioned for checking whether paths fit or not. (The redhat-release fake works just fine on the platform.) And I also want to get familiar with the innards of ISPConfig as I see that I likely want to change a very few things in the long run.

    Actually, I'm not sure if I would. If you search for "clamav" you get about 500 hits cluttered all over the place (not just this part of the forums). Now that I see your quoted links and read them searching for "clamd" (plus "update") might reveal better results - but I didn't think of that as I didn't want to switch to clamd, just use a local rpm version of clamav. Is there a way to restrict the search only to the ISPConfig forums?
    Anyway, thanks for the two links!

    I expect the SVN version to sometimes have this or that glitch as it is just normal for an ongoing development version. Not to mention one can get problems with update scripts (e.g. many projects only provide tested update scripts for official releases), maybe not with ISPConfig, I don't know, I'm careful and stay with released versions ;-)

    I'm sorry that I upset you, but this is *not* what I wrote. I didn't imply that you are not helpful and I didn't imply you don't know your own product. I asked why changing dist.txt didn't suffice and I asked about using a local clamav. You answered both of that in the *next* reply with useful information, after I "insisted". Your first reply was mostly a "use the supported way" type of answer, that's why I asked if you wanted to discourage questions about details of the innards of ISPConfig.
  6. bolero

    bolero New Member

    Found that in the advanced search in the meantime.

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