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    I have some pretty specific needs and am hoping to spin my own light distro. After trying Puppy, TinyMe and others, i am back to Ubuntu. But i don't need a lot of the features. There is no real 'how to' that i can find. I tried on my own with the ubuntu construction kit but it failed each time i tried. i bet a lot of people would be interested in this one.
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    minibuntu remaster

    Thanks. I had seen that tutorial. I wanted to start with minibuntu as it is stripped clean. But it is so thin that I don't think it can be installed as a proper OS. So what I was hoping for was a step-by-step that may also be a bit of a dummies guide to Linux. This is what the basic stripped down OS is. Here are some packages you may want to add because they do this or that. You can probably leave out these packages because... I have been playing with these mini distributions and they seem to have a lot of features. So what are the big differences between 700MB of a full distro and 50MB of a mini one.
    In the case of my needs, I am working with volunteers to collect old and broken computers, get them up and running and put them in schools for the (very poor) children of migrant workers. We have already put together a lab of 30 machines in one school and have lots more machines ready to go. We started with Edubuntu but it was too slow and the Chinese support was poor. So we have been looking for a very slim and fast minin distro and there is nothing quite suiting our needs. the schools have no internet so it needs to be complte from the getgo with educational games and apps and Chinese menus and so on. We've looked at Slax, Puppy, CDLinux, DSL, TinyMe and others. There is always something that disqualifies each one. Poor Chinese support. Limited packages. etc...
    Most of our volunteers will be new to Linux so we need a no-brainer install. My best linux experience has been with ubuntu so I want to start there. I have been unable to get minibuntu off the ground using UCK. It fails each time. I am not particularly competent with the command line but learning quickly.
    I am probably asking a lot. But I would appreciate any assistance. this project could help a lot of kids. And I bet there are a lot of dummies like me that would benefit from knowing what some of the more obscure packages in linux actually do. Thanks
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