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  1. Typhon

    Typhon New Member

    I have a lot of problem i need to reinstall Debian 6.
    But i have many websites (22) hosted on my server.
    How can i reinstall debian and keeping only Website back up and ISPConfig ?
  2. damir

    damir New Member

    First you need to take backup of all your files.

    Create a backup folder:
    mkdir /home/backup
    chmod 700 /home/backup
    cd /home/backup
    Backup the ETC conf files:
    tar pcfz etc.tar.gz /etc
    Backup the website data:
    tar pcfz www.tar.gz /var/www
    Backup the ISPConfig software:
    tar pcfz ispconfig_software.tar.gz /usr/local/ispconfig
    Backup ISPConfig database only or backup all databases, see below:
    Backup all website databases with single command line. You need to change password to root password of your mysql server.:
    Now you can compress whole backup folder and with scp transfer it to another server.

    Reformat and reinstall you server. When you done, transfer your files back. Unpack them and move them to same place.

    Good luck :)

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