Migration with isp_copy from Bare Metal to Proxmox Container fails

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  1. mrbcast

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    Hey guys I have an ispconfig3 installation that has been running flawlessly for over a year now that I have decided to add to my proxmox machine in the form of a container. I have bought and downloaded the migration tool and put a new copy of ispconfig3 on the container and confirmed it is working well. When I do the isp migration, it fails halfway through with failed api calls. When I do the isp_copy it completes with success, but after update to ispconfig and restart I can't get anything to come up. It says the connection to the server is not available. I am at a loss as to what to do next. The bare metal machine is a HP DL360 G4 with 32 Gb of memory and 1.2 TB of drive space on ubuntu 18 with ispconfig Version: 3.1.13. The container version is on the same type and make of computer with same resources and ubuntu 18 with an ispconfig on the latest version. Not sure what other info to offer so please let me know what else you need from my end. Thanks.
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    If Migration tool and ISPCopy fail then there must be something really wrong with the target system as Migration tool and ispcopy use completely different approaches to migrate the config and data. The Migration tool imports settings using the ISPConfig api while ISPCopy copies config files and data using rsync. Please double check that the target machine is large enough (enough disk space).

    If you need further support for the Migration Toolkit, then please contact the Migration Tool support here: https://www.ispconfig.org/get-support/?type=migration
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    Ok, so I was able to get the isp_migration tool to finally work, but the copy tool would make the control panel stop working. I tried a combination of ssl reloads, vhost mods, etc. Nothing worked. So I got the desired goal of transferring everything (mostly) to the new server by running the install tool and then using migration tool. I had to run it several times in order to beat all the api call problems, but after I increased the mysql packet size to 128M, set root to permit login, set the security options to no (as per instructions) and added the remote user in Ispconfig (target server) I was able to successfully transfer everything over. I haven't checked to see if my two DNS slave servers will connect to the new one or not, but that should'nt be much of a problem if they don't. Thanks Till for all your help. I appreciate all you guys do. This software has helped me save my video production business, but turning it into an all around website design business with video as a side function. It also took about ten years off my life in hair pulling setups and issues at first and the learning curve for and PHP was a little steep for me, but you guys and google got me here. I appreciate all you have done and will continue to do with this AWESOME PIECE OF SOFTWARE. Have a blessed day and God Bless you all.

    Jeff McDaniel
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  4. Jesse Norell

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    Sounds like you got it going, but I'm curious on your proxmox setup if you are using a privileged container? Unprivileged is more secure, but it does take more backend (ie. on proxmox host) configuration to setup.
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    I am using unpriveledged. It has been a little bit of a battle.

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