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    we would like to buy this toolkit:
    because we have few old VPS that we'd like to migrate to a new software. Actually the VPS that must be migrated are "slave" server of a master-slave stack. Basically this slave server, must be substituted by another "slave" server. And we like to migrate the data of the customer from the old to the new one.

    I remember that in the past the migration tool, does not support slave server migration on the same master-slave stack. Is this still true or not?
    Thank you.
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  3. tr909192

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    I don't think that ISPCopy is what we need. Because the new server, has new (and different) software installed (the previous server was centos, the new one debian latest release). So maybe what I need is just the migration stuff, not just copy the services configuration...any clue?
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    I have used the Migration Tool only for moving to new server. I install a new server setup using the Perfect Server Howto. It can be single server or multi server. Then I migrate data from old server to new.
    If your setup is complicated, maybe you need to copy the websites one by one from old to new? Perhaps you should contact Migration Toolkit sales person and detail what kind of setup you need to migrate.
  5. till

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    The Migration tools can be used for single servers only or for slave servers that are attached to a different master, the OS can differ here as this tool is doing a data import. The ISPCopy tool is made for moving single servers, or slaves that are attached to the same master, but it requires that the OS is the same as it is doing an exact copy of an ISPConfig installation from one server to another server. For your case, which is a combination of the two things where you want to migrate to a different OS plus the servers are attached to the same master, there is no tool available yet. We are working on such a tool which is basically an ISPConfig extension to move data from one server to another within a multiserver system, but this will take a few months until it is finished. At the moment, the only way would be a manual migration of the data and configuration. If you need help for that by remote Login, you might want to contact Florian from business support here: https://www.ispconfig.org/get-support/?type=ispconfig
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    iIs 18.04 supported? and how to download updated version if i already own a copy?
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    18.04 as target should work, as source not. As you probably want to migrate to 18.04 and not from 18.04, then it should work. You can download the latest version of the tool that is available for your license through the download link from send owl that you used to download the software.
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