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  1. Using version 2.0.6
    • please use local time for migrate.log infos instead of GMT
    • emails : Postfix Header and Body Checks are not migrated
    • not sure about this point, but I think that session files are migrated and it slows down a lot websites transfer (may be use a combination of code from ISP Protect to find sessions files in CMS websites).
    Thanks for reading.
  2. Croydon

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    the migration tool uses the setting of your cli php.ini - or if in there no date.timezone is set, UTC.
    The postfix header and body checks are not website- or client-related and such part of the server config -> not migrated as this could cause trouble if you merge multiple servers to a single one or have already set filters/black-/whitelists. There is no plan to add it currently, but it might be in the future.
    Session files have to be migrated as the migration tool copies all website data. If the data shall not be migrated you have to clean up session directories on the source first. It would not be possible to reliably determine if files are neccessary for a website to be working or not.
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  3. Thanks @Croydon for this clear answer on each point !

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