Migration Tool, WARN, DNS, questions?

Discussion in 'ISPConfig 3 Priority Support' started by Taleman, Feb 18, 2021.

  1. Taleman

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    I have some questions after running Migrarion Tool, dry run goes OK and now migrate run log has some dubious lines.
    Migration tool version 2.2.2p3 started
    [INFO] Using importer module ispconfig3.
    Target ISPConfig version is 3.2.2
    SOURCE and TARGET are multiserver.
    Both are three host setups, main server and two name servers.

    The SOURCE is originally > 10 year old setup, migrated previously a few times to new system. So there may be very old junk lurking.

    Warnings from migrate.log:
    [WARN] Entry domain (101) has no _ID_ set. This can lead to problems!
    . . . 
    [WARN] Entry domain (119) has no _ID_ set. This can lead to problems!
    What domains are the above? There are numbers 101 -- 119. I can not find suitable domain using ISPConfig Panel. Are these entries in the database and there do not have _ID_?

    That warning is frustrating. What problems? I do not know whether it is serious or not, nor do I know what I could or should do about it.

    2021-02-18 07:28:01 - [INFO] Rsync copy from /etc/letsencrypt/ to /etc/letsencrypt/ successful.
    2021-02-18 07:28:03 - [WARN] Curl exception: cURL error: [35] Unknown SSL protocol error in connection to 
    2021-02-18 07:28:03 - [ERROR] JSON API ERROR in API call (client_get): NO ACCESS
    2021-02-18 07:28:03 - [INFO] Trying again (client_get)
    2021-02-18 07:30:06 - [WARN] Curl exception: cURL error: [52] Empty reply from server
    2021-02-18 07:30:06 - [ERROR] JSON API ERROR in API call (config_value_replace): NO ACCESS
    2021-02-18 07:30:06 - [INFO] Trying again (config_value_replace)
    2021-02-18 07:51:19 - [INFO] Job queue has 4 entries left. Waiting ...
    The above looks to me two failed attempts to connect to TARGET, but
    the third attempt succeeded and problem solved. Or?

    I ran migration tool only on the SOURCE main server. It asked to which TARGET
    host DNS entries are copied, but no zones show in Panel on the TARGET server. Is it
    necessary to run the migration tool also on SOURCE ns1 server? There ns2 is
    mirror of ns1, so I assume running on ns2 is not needed?

    What about on the TARGET where ns2 is not mirror of ns1, but I try to setup
    secondary zones on ns2 so I can use DNSSEC.

    I noticed the migrate command overwrites migration.log file if it exist from previous run. I try to remember to rename the old migrate.log before running migrate, but this could be remedied if migrate for example added timestap to the log file name or prefix number _2, _3 etc..

    Seems the migration tool can do checks that would be useful even during normal use of ISPConfig setup. Finding weak passwords, checking and issuing warnings for potentially serious issues. Could these checks be run on an ISPConfig system when I want to check things?
  2. till

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    Please send your support request to the Migration Tool support, email: migsupport [at] ispconfig [dot] org, and include the migrate.log file.
  3. Taleman

    Taleman Well-Known Member HowtoForge Supporter

    Done, thank you.

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