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    I've just bought the migration tool (again, was v1 user) because I thought I could use it for following scenario.

    I am currently hosting 2 sites (domain.com and sub.domain.com). The site + vhost subdomain shall be moved on a dedicated system. I installed a new server and added this to my multiserver setup. The Website is currently hosted on the master server, which I would like to move my newly added slave. Since my slave does not have a ISPConfig Panel, I am not able to create a remote user.

    Can this tool migrate a single website from master to my newly added slave or did I just get everything wrong? I also read about (later) if they are connected to the same master, I shall use ISPCopy but it always ends up with "SSH Login points to local server".

    Any help is appreciated.
  2. florian030

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    you can not use the migration-tool to move something inside a multiserver-setup.
    you can change the server_id on the master for anything related to the site (web_domain, web_database....) and use the resync-tool to write the structure on the new server. afterwards copy the content from the old to the new server (for sites i would use a shell-user with rsync).
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  3. Hbod

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    Thanks for your feedback. So I basically tossed 59 € in the trash :D
    Nevermind, I will have use for it soon when I migrate the whole server.

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