Migration to new datacenter (new hardware)

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    Hi Friends,
    Migration of my main production server to new hardware and location is coming up. I'm over at the moment to do some test runs. It is a single Server Setup (web, email, backups). I like to do it by hand to understand all the steps take in depth.
    This is the plan:
    # I have setup a new Server with the same latest ispconfig Version (old Server is Debian9, new is Debian10)
    # The Data (web, vmail) i will copy over by hand and keep it in sync with unison until the new Server is running without problems.
    # The databases are not huge. So i will move them over during a short downtime.
    # Insert the users and groups in the 4 passwd and group files
    # do an ispconfig update and let reconfigure all services.
    # change over dns after everything is working

    Do i miss something?

    One Question to restoring the mysqldump's: Is it preferable to dump every single database, so i will not overwrite the mysql and phpmyadmin databases on the new server? Or should i just dump -all-databases?

    Thanks for help and best regards
  2. till

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    Take care that old and new server use the same Let's encrypt client (probably certbot) and copy over /etc/letsencrypt as well.

    I've dumped all databases together in the past successfully, but have not used that method for quite some time since the Migration Tool exists, might be that newer MariaDB versions are mor picky when it comes to that. The command I used in the past was:

    mysqldump --defaults-file=/etc/mysql/debian.cnf -cCeQ --hex-blob --quote-names --routines --events --triggers --all-databases -r all_databases.sql
    In any case, back up the existing databases on the new system first (or do a snapshot if you use a VM), so that you cen revert in case it does not work without having to reinstall.
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  4. Taleman

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    If you use Roundcube webmail, and Roundcube users have address books and signatures, remember to copy Roundcube database. And update it on target, on Debian the roundcube installation comes with database update scripts.
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    Where is the problem changing from certbot to acme.sh? I have installed the new install with acme.sh. Could i just remove https from the sites and re-enable it again to get a new cert, now with acme.sh?

    Otherwise, is there a guide to do a clean transition from certbot to acme.sh?
  6. till

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    There is no migration procedure to keep any existing certs.

    Yes, that's possible. At least if you don't run many sites as you would hit the LE cert issuing limits otherwise.
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