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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by fbnewtz, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. fbnewtz

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    I know that technically you are not supposed to be able to migrate from ISPConfig 2 to ISPConfig 3. So I am doing everything manually. I have the sites and database situation all worked out. My next problem is that I need to figure out how to correctly move the email over.

    I realize that the mail location has changed, but can I just drop the emails from the email/cur folder from one machine to another? I notice the domain name is in the name of the email files. Is that going to break anything?


  2. till

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    You can just copy over the email subfolders (cur, new, etc.) and then chown them to vmail:vmail

    Thats not a problem, the domain part in the filename does not matter for the pop3 / imap server.
  3. fbnewtz

    fbnewtz New Member


    Great! Thanks! Now if there was just an easy way to do it! lol! No biggies.

    Thanks for a great tool! I really do appreciate all of your hard work and effort that goes into this product and the support you give!



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