Migration: Sites from one to the other server (ISP Config 2.2.6 to 2.2.18)

Discussion in 'General' started by eric.balk, Nov 25, 2007.

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    Hi All,

    At the moment I busy planning a Migration from my old server to a new one. Both server a running ISP config on Debian.

    My old server runs Debian 3.1 and ISP config version 2.2.6. I never had the guts to update this version to the current one due to some bad experience's.

    Since the hardware is at the end of its live cycle I installed a new server (a Strate V-server) with Debian and running ISP config 2.2.18 op top of it.

    On my original server I have running around 12 websites from different resellers and clients. My goal is to migrate these websites with the minimum amount of downtime and the maximum of data. I hope to keep my User statistics data!

    - For transfering the website data I plan to use scp.
    - For transfering user-database data I plan to make a sql dump and import these on the new server.

    Open questions:
    - Is there a way to transfer reseller/client/sites data
    - Is there a way to transfer sites-statistics

    I know there is the options to make a backup from the ISPConfig Database but I am very uncertain how to import this backup into the new installation.

    Is there anyone who has some experiance doing such a migration?

    Any help would be apriciated!, if some info is failing I am happy to extend it.

    Eric Balk
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