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    our situation is that we have a stack of a master-slave installation with 1 (obviously) master and 15-20 slave servers attached (everything updatest to the latest stable version of ISPConfig). The slave servers have different S.O. (some centos 6.5, some debian 7 and more recent debian).
    Now some of this slave servers are too much obsolete, and we want migrate the services hosted there in more recent one.
    We see that exist a script to do that: ISPConfig Migration Toolkit and looks promising.
    So what 's the best way to procede there?
    I think configure a new slave server with all the latest software, attach it on the master server, and then use the ISPConfig Migration Toolkit to migrate the services between the two servers. When terminated we can remove the old server from the stack. Is that correct?
    This carry on _all_ the services (web/mail/dns/ftp/backup...) from the previous to the new one?

    And what if we want migrate only certain services (eg. only certain domain) and not all of them?

    Thank you.
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    Scenario 1:

    The Migration Toolkit contains tow applications, the Migration Tool and ISPCopy. To migrate a slave server that shall stay connected to the existing master, you must use ISPCopy, the other app (migration Tool) can not be used in that case. ISPCopy is basically making an exact copy of an ISPConfig installation incl. config files from one server to another, after using ispcopy, you must run an ispconfig update with reconfigure services = yes and also reconfigure permissions in master database.

    So the steps are:

    1) Install the new server with all services. You can install ispconfig on it, in that case use single server install mode, ispcopy will replace the ispconfig installation. But ISPCopy works even without having ISPConfig installed upfront, but all services must be there of course.
    2) Use ISPCopy to move over the ispconfig installation, websites, mails etc.
    3) run an ISPConfig update to fix the config files.

    The ISPConfig Migration tool can do that, ISPCopy can't, but you can't use the Migration Tool in your case.

    Scenario 2:

    There is one other option though: If you want to replace the master AND the slaves, then you can use the migration tool. In that case, install a fresh master and also fresh slave servers connected to this new master. Then you can run the migration tool on the old slave servers, let them connect to the new master and choose for each service on which new slave it shall get migrated. You can even mifrate single clients or domains by using commandline options of the tool in this scenario
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    Can the ISPCopy work if the target server has a different Operating System or newer version of the OS?
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    Newer version: yes
    Different OS: no
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