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    I've used the migration tool to migrate a multi-server ispconfig 3.1.13 setup to new servers.
    from an old version of ubuntu, to 18.04, along with some significant network architecture changes.
    it was finally decided it was easiest to migrate all the user accounts and data without keeping the original ID numbers.
    this was actually done a while ago, and some time was taken to test everything, solve some problems, and install and test some new pieces of software with the new architecture as well.
    i'm now ready to start making it all live, which means first updating the old migrated client files and databases on the new servers with any changes from the still live old servers. i'm ok with the website files and databases.
    the one thing i'm not sure of is the emails. i'm currently double checking for any changes in the mail domains, mailboxes, forwardings, filters etc since the migration was run.
    but rsyncing the /var/vmail folder from the old server to the new server. can I just run a normal rsync on those, with no changes, or does the migration script make any changes within those folders during the migration process?

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    This depends on your setup. I would recommend using the resnyc function of the migration tool. If both servers use dovecot or both use courier, then a normal rsync will work as well. If one uses courier and the other one dovecot, then you cannot use normal rsync.

    The above is for mail only and does not apply to resyncing websites. For websites, only use the resync function of the tool, as folders and ID's may differ.
  3. nhybgtvfr

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    thanks Till, it's dovecot and sieve on both the old and new servers.

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