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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Treehugger, Nov 2, 2011.

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    I want to use ispconfig on a server. The current control panel is syscp. But I don't like that and it is not further developed.

    I've installed ispconfig on a testserver. And it looks like the installer does some things automatically. Only if I do that it will overwrite current settings of software in use by syscp.

    Will this automatic installer hurt my mysql databases? Or does it remove current mail? Or will this automatic installer only change settings of some software.

    Can I install ISPConfig first without changing settings of postfix etc. and afterwards change it manually?

    Or is the best approach on this tot just install ISPConfig and then adjust settings and write a script to transfer settings from syscp mysql tables to the ones from ISPConfig?

    I've never done this, so hopefully you guys have some ideas/information on this.

  2. till

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    To install ispconfig, you have to use a empty server. The server should be configured as described in the perfect setup guide (http://www.ispconfig.org/ispconfig-3/documentation/). You can not install ispconfig directly on a server that currently uses syscp without reinstalling the operating system as the syscp base setup is not compatible with ISPConfig.
  3. Treehugger

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    Ok, so i should remove all the things from the server and start with clean server?

    Or can I backup mail and database. And then install all the software etc. needed by ispconfig and install ispconfig. And then transfer mail/database back?

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