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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by debapriyabiswas, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. debapriyabiswas

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    We are migrating from Lotus Domino 8 to ZCS Network Edition on RHEL 5 32bit.

    While the ZCS Migration wizard for Domino completes successfuly, the only problem as of now is it dont translate Lotus Domino Canonical Names into Standard Email Addresses.

    We are using the NSF file for migration.

    Please let me provide some more info so you guys can grasp the scenario-

    We are using an unsupported copy of RHEL 5.4 32bit OS & also the ZCS Network Edition is currently in trial mode. (we will go for a full support soon).

    the exact problem-

    We have successfully migrated one user from the Lotus Domino Server to Zimbra Server(Using the Migration Wizard provided by Zimbra-from an Windows 2003 Standard System & using the .NSF file of the user), with all mails & calender Data. But if the user received any mail from other Domino users in the format - "Username/domain <[email protected]>" as TO field the mail in Zimbra MailBox shows the sender - CN=User/O=Domain. It dos not reflect the actual mail id - [email protected]

    See the screenshot from Zimbra.

    Please let us know if this problem could be solved.

    Also tell me if there is some other way to do the migration (imapsync/imaptools/imapcopy etc).

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  2. emdok

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    Why not post this on the Zimbra forums? I'm sure they'll be able and willing to help you there as well as learn from your issue :)
  3. debapriyabiswas

    debapriyabiswas New Member

    We have found the solution.

    We were providing nothing in the BaseDn field in the ZCS Migration Wizard for Domino. It should be o=domainname.

    Now we have the issue solved. We will do a short live test soon,if it goes well we will run the entire migration on physical systems.

    We were using VMWare ESXi to test the scenario so far.

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