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    how exactly are migration dependencies worked out? i'm test migrating multi-server ispconfig to a new ispconfig multi-server.
    I was using a single shared database server, i'm now looking at moving the db's back onto the webservers themselves.
    so i'm migrating only some db's from the dbserver to one of the webservers.
    i'm running the migration script as ./migrate --only-database=<dbname1> --only-database=<dbname2> ….
    for 81 databases.
    however, after dependency checks, the script finds 82 database user entries, and 83 database entries.
    I can understand one of those extra db's, as a dev db was added for a site on the live system after the websites where migrated from one of the webservers. so this script is also migrating that db. however, it's also finding a db user and database dependency that should be completely unrelated to anything that it's been asked to migrate. I just can't find any reason for it to migrate that extra database.

    also, once migrated, on the new system, it shows the dbs, users, client owners etc. but no website allocation, in the new master database, all the entries in the web_database table have a parent_domain_id of 0. is this due to being migrated from to the new system from separate web and db servers?, doing the migration from the database server using the --only-database options? or something else?
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    ok. I've found the problem.
    I guess --only-database=dbname checks both the web_database and web_database_user table for that string.
    turns out that I had one website eg: web1.com with a database name eg: webdb and a database user eg: webdbuser1.
    and another website, eg web2.com with a database named eg: web2db and a database user eg webdb
    so the migration script was matching on both website 1's database and website 2's database user.

    guess I should have left the prefixes configured. :oops:

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