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    This might be a silly question, but I'l looking to moving some sites to being managed with ispconfig.

    These sites are not owned by me so I must replicate all database users/passwords and directory paths (or they break).

    I need to change the default web root from /some/path/web to /some/path/htdocs

    That is... web root must be in a directory called "htdocs" and not "web".

    I can change all path with ispconfig, except the final "web" dir.

    How do I change that final part (?) It's ok to mod a module (but which one?)

    Edit: Being a little impatient, I did some grepping in ispconfig and so far I seem to have found that the relevant paths are hard-coded in apache2_pligin.inc.php and nginx_plugin.inc

    For example here we have:

    Perhaps this thread needs moving in "Development" now. I'm willing to add the patch to change the fixed /web to a variable /$WEB_DIR

    Falko: can I proceed?
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