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Discussion in 'General' started by iqpascal, Apr 12, 2018.

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    Question. I want to migrate a website from either an external webhost or another server. That site already has a SSL certificate from Lets Encrypt. Obviously I cannot create a new website on ISPConfig with SSL+Lets Encrypt because Let's Encrypt cannot validate the new situation.

    What is the best practice to go with this? Do I copy the existing certificates on the SSL tab and after full migration click on Let's Encrypt? Will it then directly proceed in getting a new certificate for that domain?
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    That's probably the easiets way. But you will have to delete the cert first before activating let's encrypt (action delete on ssl tab) if I remember correctly.
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    Actually after migrating the website I can click let's encrypt directly (although I would suggest to wait 24 hours in most cases) It will get the certificates and remove the contents on the SSL tab and when visiting the website again I will get a new valid till date.

    It does however not clean the old ssl certs from disk.
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