Migrating to new server. Help with mail.

Discussion in 'General' started by xciso, Dec 26, 2012.

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    I am now setting up a new vps and i want to move everything from my old to my new.
    I have set-up everything manual, like account, websites, ftp account and everything, but now i want to move all e-mails from my old server.

    I am using imap to all accounts so i need to save everything from the server.
    Anyone know how to do this? (Using dovecot)

    Thanks! & Happy new Year! :)
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  3. tahunasky

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    I have just been doing the same thing for about 40 users, and the easiest way for me was.

    On target server:
    I created all the email users in ISPCONFIG.
    Stop dovecot.

    Then using WinSCP on a windows box, I copied over the vmail/maildir directory for each user from source server to target server. Or you could archive to a file the expand again on target server providing the directory structure is the same.

    Then once the copy to target server is complete, set owner/group to vmail (5000) for all files and sub-directories in /var/vmail.

    Sart dovecot on target server.

    I didnt have the passwords for most of the users so i just dumped from source msql database and then imported into the new ISPCONFIG database.

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