Migrating server setup to a new block of IPs and Gateway

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    I am faced with a situation where I have to migrate my server and all of its services to a new block of IP addresses and Gateway.

    What happened was that I noticed that my server was blackballed from some of the major email providers such as hotmail through no fault of my own. My host provider sent me this message:

    To say the least, I have a great hosting service and support -- no it not GoDaddy are you kidding!! But now I have to do the dirty work.

    I am on Fedora 10 and my webhosting is through ISPConfig3. I have the new block of IPs and the new gateway settings ready to go.

    Here is my question(s):

    1. What are the steps in the process?
    # ifconfig still shows that my eth0:* is bound to the old IPs so I guess I have to start there ... then move on to ISPConfig3 ... I am thinking that is the way it goes, but if anyone has any good tips I would really appreciate it.

    2. What is the best way to do this without interrupting my internet services if possible or at least minimizing down time? I have some webs that are sensitive to up time and it will be an issue if they are down for too long. Does the relay server allow me to keep the old IPs forwarded while all the new DNS settings resolve? How do I make that happen?
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    I noticed that root has no mail (normally I get pretty routine system messages from various services) ... I am assuming that is part of the process should resolve when this gets done. All webs and services on the server do otherwise appear to be working normally.

    Cheers! Thanks for the help!!
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    If hostnames are used everywhere then you just need to update your DNS stuff, and change your IP/gateway in your config files for your network device.

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