Migrating from DIY plateform to ISPConfig : how to deal with name domain ?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by ledufakademy, Aug 27, 2020.

  1. ledufakademy

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    actually we have, e.g. : "domain.com" .
    How can we migrate to ispconfig server without broking everthing ?
    just speaking about name domain. dns stuff ?
    because DNS domain of "domain.com" is manage by "old" dns server ...
  2. nhybgtvfr

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    how many domains?
    if moving the domain name over, and you have the domain limits in client module enabled, add the domain in client -> domains and assign it to the correct client

    if it's just one domain, create the dns zone in ispconfig, recreate all the records exactly as they are already.
    otherwise, just download the zone file(s) from the old server and use the zone file import.
    change any dns records in this zone on the ispconfig server so they point to the correct new server ip/targetname as required.

    if you'e moving a website as well, now create the website (and db if needed) in ispconfig.
    backup/export the site and db from the old server, and load them onto the ispconfig server.
    change the ownership of any files/folders if required. test the site works ok (use entries in your local hosts file)
    (watch out for wordpress - some plugins put full filepaths in some site files. wordfence - in .user.ini for one. plus the full filepaths are probably all over the database. use 'better search and replace' plugin to change them, or use the 'duplicator' plugin by snap creek to move a wordpress site (it'll handle all the filepath stuff for you))

    now change the registered nameservers for the domain to the ispconfig nameservers.
    wait a couple of days, making sure there's no problems.
    delete the dns/website from the old server.
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  3. ledufakademy

    ledufakademy Member HowtoForge Supporter

    not so many domains ,only 5 or 6 domain.
    But one domain has a lot of services. I can't migrate now.
    the aim is to build webhosting infra. , with a domain not used for client, hardenning it, then migrate ;-)
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