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    I really need some help here guys...I have a linux server that I am trying to backup that has PLESK control panel with 30 websites.

    What is your definition of a ghost backup?

    Let me ask you a question. If I told you I wanted to have my existing hard drive cloned on a ONCE OFF backup to a USB hard drive, for instant restoration in the event of a primary hard drive failure...IS THIS POSSIBLE? would it be possible to clone the existing hard drive to a USB hard drive, and SHUT DOWN THE COMPUTER.....then disconnect the existing internal hard drive, and plug in the USB hard drive, and be up and running with nothing more than a REBOOT of the server? IS THIS POSSIBLE<<<< THAT IS MY MAIN QUESTION<<<IS THIS POSSIBLE??? In other words....is it possible to mount a USB hard drive to a server, clone(ghost) the existing internal hard drive bit for bit to that USB hard drive, and then take that USB HARD DRIVE and put it on the ground next to the server, and then turn off the server, and disconnect the internal hard drive, and then plug in the USB hard drive and make it as primary in BIOS, etc, and then would all of my server's websites be back up and running with a simple reboot ? IS THIS POSSIBLE <<<< THAT IS MY QUESTION...IS THIS POSSIBLE????? IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW HARD THIS IS TO DO, OR HOW ILLOGICAL, IS THIS POSSIBLE?


    P.S. what is the best company for getting a high bandwidth server to host music files and video files download? I.e. which company is the most professional and secure for the lowest fee's ?

    P.S.S. Can you help to migrate a server? what is the logistics for switching server companies? what is the easiest way to transfer the hard drive and contents and plesk control panel?
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    I don't know if this is possible with a USB disk, but anyway I think these tutorials are interesting for you:

    You can get professional support from us. Please write to info [at] projektfarm.de

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