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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by rickbyronit, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. rickbyronit

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    Hello, looking for some advice please.

    I am moving to a new server with new ips.
    Old Server ISPConfig 2.2.23
    New Server ISPConfig 2.2.37

    I expect to use this thread:

    Will there be any issues because of the difference of ISPConfig 2 versions?

    If so what is the best way do move forward.

    Thank you kindly.
  2. rickbyronit

    rickbyronit HowtoForge Supporter


    Another question if I may, when preforming an upgrade to ispconfig 2 does ispconfig 2 have to be stopped, or can the install routine upgrade a live system

    Thanks gain.
  3. Turbanator

    Turbanator HowtoForge Supporter

    That is the correct link to use for migrating.

    I suggest you perform the upgrade on your current box before you move, this way you're moving from the same version.

    The upgrade will automatically handle shutting down and restarting services and ispconfig for you.
  4. rickbyronit

    rickbyronit HowtoForge Supporter

    Thank you

    Thank you Turbanator,

    I will upgrade ispconfig 2 on the old server before attempting migration.

    If mysql on both boxes are version '5.something' is that ok, or must they be identical?
  5. Turbanator

    Turbanator HowtoForge Supporter

    you should be fine.
    The post you linked to is the best to follow (I followed it through a few migrations when I was using ispc2...)
  6. rickbyronit

    rickbyronit HowtoForge Supporter


    Thank you kindly.

    Fingers crossed...
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