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Discussion in 'General' started by hgoebl, Jul 7, 2012.

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    do you have any tipps for efficiently moving an ISPConfig 3 installation to a new server?

    Just for info:
    Source: Debian 5 (Apache, Courier/Postfix), ISPConfig release 3.0.3
    Destination: Debian 6 (Apache, Courier/Postfix)

    The way I'd like to do it:

    1. Setup/Configure the new server (Perfect setup, install old version of ISPConfig)

    2. rsync oldserver -> newserver
    + /var/vmail/**
    + /var/www/**
    + /var/backups/mysql/latest/**

    3. Correct some settings in ispconfig mysql database
    :confused: what tables need to be modified, e.g. containing host-name

    4. Create users and groups from old server
    :confused: is there a php-script to create the users/groups based on ispconfig tables?
    BTW: is it possible to migrate /etc/shadow from Debian 5 to Debian 6? If not, I'll tell the users they have to change their new initial passwords.

    5. rsync changes since last update

    6. Update ISPConfig to current version

    7. Test the new server

    8. Change DNS for all domains to point to new server

    • Could this work?
    • Are there any better solutions (out-of-the box)?
    • Could mirroring solve my problem?

    I would really like to have a solid solution for this and if necessary I would also contribute some scripts and a howto article.

    Can you help me?
  2. hgoebl

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    OK, was a bit TL;DR ...

    How can I create users/groups on a freshly installed system after restoring ISPconfig database?

    Which tables in ISPConfig database should be adapted after a restore to a freshly installed system? (Update hostname, ...)


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