Migrate Let's Encrypt Certificates

Discussion in 'Developers' Forum' started by WHO, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. WHO

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    When Using sites_web_aliasdomain_add and pass the following domain_options the ssl data is not saved to the table. We have to migrate them and can't generate the LE SSL at least until DNS is pointing to the new server after migration. Is there a trick or hint to migrate existing LE certificates ?

    [ssl] => y
    [ssl_state] =>
    [ssl_locality] =>
    [ssl_organisation] =>
    [ssl_organisation_unit] =>
    [ssl_country] => DE
    [ssl_domain] => domain.de
    [ssl_request] =>
    [ssl_key] => -----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----
    [ssl_cert] => -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----
    [ssl_bundle] => -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----
    [ssl_action] => save
    [ssl_letsencrypt] => y
    [rewrite_to_https] => y
  2. till

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    Copy over /etc/letsencrypt from old to new server. Never put LE certs into the ssl fields of the site as it will break LE.

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