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Discussion in 'General' started by ByteMe Networking, Mar 30, 2012.

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    I know this question has been asked many times on these forums, but I have yet to find a clear cut answer of how to migrate an entire production install of ISPConfig 3 to a new server.

    I really need to move my current sites and setup to a new server as it has out grown itself. Working with about 10 client sites and I do not want any to know the migration has taken place. They will be informed but want it seamless.

    Really my main goal is to know what I need to move? The current setup is on a Debian 5 box and is moving to a Debian 6 box.
    Both boxes have been setup using The Perfect Server method of Bind and Courier.

    If anyone has a list of what Data needs to be copied for the Bind and Courier setup, please fill me in. I've tried several times without success from many different post. One or more things fail after committing and I end up redoing the new box. I have migrated sites before server to server but this is too slow. I wish to rsync dir to dir and call it good. (other than DB backups and importing)

    New server is going to be running vm so it is easily portable but getting everything over to the new instances is waring on me.

    Any help or maybe a post I have overlooked with the full info/steps would be great.
    Also, I am more than willing to donate for useful info to my question.

    Thanks in advance to everyone for the read and assistance.

    Hopeful webmaster,
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    I like your thought process. ;)

    The plan this go round is to do something very similar to the link provided. Only this time I am thinking of building ever thing in a VM environment to scale the portability of it all from one server to the next if needed.

    The setup in the link is similar to what we use at my real Job and cost more money than I am able to spend. I do a lot of non profit work during free time (LOL, whats that?) and obtaining new hardware or IPs is just not something that can be budgeted for. All could run in a VE but resources are limited and this method would make for a number of challenges that I am not ready to face. However I do plan on making and setting up a HAPE (High Availability Production Environment) when the time is right.

    Please keep the ideas coming, I know with asking this question is much to ask but the community base at HowToForge is untouchable.

    Thanks again,

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