Migrate from Mariadb 10.2 to Mysql 5.7 on debian 9

Discussion in 'ISPConfig 3 Priority Support' started by Turbanator, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. Turbanator

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    I have a Perfect debian 9 server running in a multi server setup with mariadb and ispc 3.1.6 . This server is only running Magento installs that is having db issues which we never had in Mysql so I want to convert to mysql.
    Is it as simple as:
    dump all the db data
    remove db info within ISPC
    remove mariadb,
    install mysql,
    set the mysql multi server grant permissions
    setup db info in ISPC,
    import the data?
  2. till

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  3. Turbanator

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    hi Till, actually my problem is hitting 'too many connections' even on the default 151. And that is due some magento queries aren't completing and I've tuned with mysqltuner and tuning-primer. I highly doubt it's a mysql vs mariadb issue as well. I just need to find what's running those crazy queries.
  4. Turbanator

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    update: turns out it was a problem with a couple reindexing queries in standard magento. No need to change to mysql. thank you Till.
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