Media Distribution Around The House?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by willpalin, Dec 9, 2007.

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    Hi, I'm a complete novice! To this site and what I'm asking about.
    We hired an IT person who has deserted us, £5,000 worth of kit is still sitting in boxes. What he said he could do was to deliver HD Sky (individually tuned/channel selection) plus internet access and films from the server to all rooms in our house (10 locations in total). During the house's renovation he told us to 1st fix KAT 5 (or is that CAT 5) plus coax to all rooms which we have done. After the 3rd lot of Electricians came in they suggested we supplied the rooms with 2x sets of coax which we did to some of the rooms?????
    So now we have one sky box that only supplies the kitchen plus either one bedroom or one lounge and can only be controlled from the kitchen where the box is located. WE ARE SERIOUSLY MIFTED and if anyone cane resolve this professionally it would be very much appreciated!
    I can take all of the components out of their boxes and list them if the believable person is out there, frankly we are really disheartened by you geeks and so called technicians!!!! Talk about cowboy builders - they've got nothing on you guys, PLEASE restore out faith. Will Palin.
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    Without knowing what the equipment is you have been supplied with or the overall setup all I can suggest is have a look at these links as I gather your looking at piping tv through the house via a linux server setup of some sort.

    Have a look at SME server and the ralated Myth TV plugins.

    You will likely need someone to setup the server for you but if your willing to have a go then it is very possible to do it yourself.


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