Mea by someone will know ISPconfig Horde, Ingo, procmail

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    I just installed Horde, Ingo and when I’m configuring to use procmail I receive error:
    (I’m struggling with this already 2 days and can’t find solution)

    Her is my configuration,


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    (Sorry for my bad English)

    Actually this error indicate that something is wrong witch backend configuration.

    For those who will try to install HORDE, IMP, INGO

    1. Proceed with this manual to prepare system

    (if you will make them you will find that lot of hored prerequisites are not working like expected)

    3. Create only one user and when horde install prompts for IMAP user use it
    (do not make testing on it because hey will not have correct procmail settings)

    4. Download

    5. Install PEAR packages::

    pear install -o Log Mail Mail_Mime DB Date File
    pear -d preferred_state=beta install -a Services_Weather

    pear install DB2 (and afterword add-on for mysql read instruction from console)

    6. Proceed with manual in archive /../docs/INSTALL
    From this place


    You are interested in:
    1. In your php.ini file, the following line **must** be present::

    3. Set the maximum size of the uploaded files

    3. Additional PECL Modules (THIS ONE IS HEDAKE)
    I slowed it with downloading
    installin with defolt instructions and in horde Setup pointing MIME to „/usr/local/include/magick”
    (You will need to spend some time to download and install r2go,)

    Hint for memcahce when prerequisites are done
    ln -s /usr/include/php5 /usr/include/php

    2. Ispell, or a drop-in replacement.

    7. Installing Horde Groupware Webmail Edition

    test.php – will show you every think about what you are missing and what should be done more

    8. In root of web /hode/imp/config/server.php (Replace)

    After: /* Example configurations: */

    $servers['imap'] = array(
    'name' => 'IMAP Server',
    'server' => 'localhost',
    'hordeauth' => false,
    'protocol' => 'imap/notls',
    'port' => 143,
    'maildomain' => '',
    'smtphost' => 'localhost',
    'smtpport' => 25,
    'realm' => '',
    'preferred' => '',

    9. In root of web /hode/ingo/config/backend.php (Replace)


    /* Procmail Example */
    $backends['procmail'] = array(
    'driver' => 'vfs',
    'preferred' => '',
    'hordeauth' => true,
    'params' => array(
    // Hostname of the VFS server
    'hostspec' => 'localhost',
    // Name of the procmail config file to write
    'filename' => '.ingo.rc',
    // Port of the VFS server
    'port' => 21,
    // The VFS driver to use
    'vfstype' => 'ftp'
    // The VFS username to use, defaults to current user
    // 'username' => 'user',
    // The VFS password to use, defaults to current user's password
    // 'password' => 'secret',
    // The path to the .procmailrc filter file, defaults to the current
    // user's home directory.
    // You can use the following variables:
    // %u = name of the current user
    // %U = the 'username' from above
    // Example:
    // '/data/procmail/filters/%u/'
    // This would be translated into:
    // '/data/procmail/filters/<logged_in_username>/.procmailrc'
    // 'vfs_path' => '/path/to/procmail/',
    'script' => 'procmail',
    'scriptparams' => array(
    // What path style does the IMAP server use ['mbox'|'maildir']?
    'path_style' => 'maildir',
    // An array of variables to append to every generated script.
    // Use if you need to set up specific environment variables.
    'variables' => array(
    // Example for the $PATH variable
    // 'PATH' => '/usr/bin',
    // Example for the $DEFAULT variable
    // 'DEFAULT' => '$HOME/Maildir',

    10. /root/ispconfig/isp/conf/procmailrc.master

    Add line after: {QUOTA}

    11. Now you can create users for web and make updates
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