MDS Mandriva Directory Server

Discussion in 'Technical' started by steve1084, Nov 15, 2007.

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    MDS Mandriva Directory Server

    Hi Everyone

    Just wondering if anyone has seen this before and or if anyone has tried it and if its compatible with ispconfig.

    This is the quick blurb they give

    Mandriva Directory Server - Identity and network services management made easy !

    Mandriva Directory Server is an enterprise directory platform based on LDAP designed to manage identities, access control informations, policies, application settings and user profiles.

    If you already use Samba, Postfix, Squid or CUPS, you can benefit from MDS today to manage your infrastructure.

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    MDS Looks like its available for most platforms

    MDS Looks like its available for most platforms,

    Seems that when it comes to both web hosting and office management you get one or the other. Have been using sme server lately and its great for office management but the web hosting side leaves a lot to be desired, so I thought Id have a look around and see whats available that might be compatible with ispconfig to do the office side whilst having great web hosting as well.

    Have also had a look at Clark connect and it suffers from the same problems as SME. Great for office management but not great on the web hosting side.

    Will setup a test machine later and see if MDS will work with ispconfig or not. Be great if it does. Probably use debian etch or centos5

    Steve :)

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