maybe its a permission problem

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    Dear community.

    I need a little help to make my new install work.

    Rented a new server: CentOS 5.3 fully updated. Followed the procedure to install a perfect ISPConfig3 server on CentOS with a few 'minor' glitches I was able to fix. I really mean minor. Some copy-paste I did wrong and redid for example.

    What is now my problem are many small things I think are related to 1 permission problem:
    1. /var/mail/domain/user directories are not created when adding a mail user
    2. activating suexec on sites causes a bad user name at httpd restart (suexecuser not created in /etc/passwd or shadow... fixable by creating the user with linux adduser command)
    3. total impossibility to login with pure-ftp (users are created in the db, tried crypt, password, md5 and any)
    4. amongst other things

    Can all this be related to 1 single permission problem that 1 of ISPConfig's script cannot do its job?

    Best regards.

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  2. till

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    Please check the ispconfig monitor. are there any errors in the system log? Are there still jobs in the jobqueue?

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