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Discussion in 'General' started by rvarkevisser, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. rvarkevisser

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    I've got a small problem. I client of mine, registered a domainname with us which contains 28 characters (without www). The problem is, is that he can only create usernames, with a maximum of 3 characters. ISPConfig doesn't allow more characters with this domainname. I know the domainname is quite big, but why am i to question the domainname, if he pais me for it. :)
    So is it possible to extend the character lenght somewhere?
  2. soho

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  3. rvarkevisser

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    I forgot to tell you that I already changed the database username to 64 characters, but it's ISPConfig that doesn't allow characters longer than 32 (i think).
    I changed in the Form Designer the form username the width to 30 and the maximum length to 64. This doesn't work.

    I run Debian Etch 4.0 and it doesn't support usernames longer than 32 characters...... so there's nothing to do about it.
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    In Ubuntu 8.0.4 /etc/adduser.conf add:

    ## Add username > 32 char

    works fine
  5. matiasCU

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    which file contains the form?

    soho I have a question:
    The Form Designer that you was changed is in the file isp_username.plugin.php
    Best regards.
  6. matiasCU

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    Indeed, this is the file and the line should be changed is the 84:
    $out_user = $user_prefix.'<input type="text" name="plugin[user]" size="'.$len_textbox.'" maxlength="'.(64 - strlen($user_prefix)).'" class="text">';

    May also change the size of the box on the next line:
    $len_textbox = ((30 - strlen($user_prefix)) < 10)? 10: 29 - strlen($user_prefix);

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