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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by midcarolina, Sep 27, 2011.

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    Here is what I would like to do "after the fact". (After a great install and upgrade). I have two servers - separate units. The first server and second server are identical (except that the first server's mail system doesn't work). This is what I would like to do with server number two.

    I have upgraded the php, mysql, mysql-server, and phpMyAdmin on both servers which has made a dramatic difference in the way they operate. (Mostly the mysql and mysql-server). The big picture, server one is hosting about 50 websites and doesn't break a sweat. The second server again is identical except for disk space. It is raid 5 (4 x 500 gb) , where the first server is raid 5 (6 x 80). My original thinking was that the smaller server's space would be gone in no time. WRONG! So, what I do know is that server two is going to have too many requests on one IP, so...

    I plan to add one public IP to server one today, but I would like to take server two and create a slave server three with server two (since it has so much disk space). The purpose is that the slave server will only be mail relay (mail server).

    The set-up is not like the Manual's 5 Debian server system. It is Fedora 14, where the server is the server for everything...mail, dns, etc. I don't mind having a slave server that can fully function as a complete webserver even though it won't, I just don't want to tear down a system that works so well. With respect to the ISPConfig control panel, I will be the only one accessing the slave server anyway (The new mail server).

    So, bottom line, can I add this slave server after the fact? It seems as if I could, but I am not sure what all files to change. I would also like to allocate a specific amount of disk space for the third (slave) server.

    Thanks in advance
  2. till

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    You can add new slave servers to an existing master at any time as long as these slaves are no mirror servers.

    A slave server can be installed by using the perfect setup guide for the server system setup as well, when it comes to the ispconfig installation in the last step, choose expert mode and select that this server shall join a master server. before you do the ispconfig installation you should check that the hostnames of all servers involved in that clsuter are configured in the /etc/hosts files of all other servers and that you are able to login with the mysql root user from the new slave server into the mysql database of the master server.
  3. midcarolina

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    Hi Till,

    It seems that if I use the Perfect Server Set-up from the start, I will wipe out what I already have. I am not quite clear on this. If I start from the beginning, we're assuming that Linux is not even installed.

    Thanks for the help
  4. till

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    Sure, ispconfig has to be installed on a empty system or the instalation should at least start with a minimal setup. If your system is running already some other services and shall not be reinstalled, then you can not install ispconfig on it.
  5. midcarolina

    midcarolina New Member

    To clarify, this is a fully functioning webserver with ISPConfig 3 installed. It is fully What I was getting at was could the slave server be added after the fact. After the original install.
  6. till

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    You can add a slave server to this server as I explained in #2. But you can not make this server to be the slave of another server.
  7. midcarolina

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    This is what I want to do precisely. I want to add a slave server to the already operating master server. The current server serves everything. Mail, DNS, File, DB, etc. I want to add a slave server with its' own IP to this original server. I guess I am not understanding how to follow the steps from the beginning of The Perfect Server for Fedora 14, when these steps assume there is no Linux install at all. Hopefully I am making sense. I see now that you say I can add a slave to an operating Master, but I don't see how following the steps for The Perfect Server will get this done without starting the server all over. Hopefully this is clearer.

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