Master Slave Failover Restoration

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    I'm envisaging the time it would take to restore a trashed ispconfig system from my backup is quite long (it's not happened yet *touch wood*). So I'm think about having a way of the server being mirrored for the event of total catastrophic loss, so my users can keep working unaware of the ensuing turmoil. It would probably be best for redundancy if this "slave" was set up on a VPS off site.

    I've only got a couple of questions:
    • What happens when we finally get the mirrored server (master?) reinstalled, and back up online? Will the master need a manual "re-sync" from the slave or will any changes that have happened on the slave be copied over to the master automagically?

    • Will I notice a performance hit in normal operation on the master, as it's copying off site to the slave?

    Many thanks!
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    There is a tutorial for this in here which explains how it basically works in general.

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