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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by HuMaN-BiEnG, Aug 30, 2010.

  1. HuMaN-BiEnG

    HuMaN-BiEnG New Member

    Hello everyone ,,

    i'm just going to implement

    Master-Master Active-Passive replication beside installing Ultramonkey

    to make Linux-HA between two servers for apache

    my questions are :

    how i gonna tell/configure Ultramonkey to direct mysql writing requests to only Active server ,while directing mysql read requests to both Active & Passive servers ???

    what to tell data center to implement in networking , to make this work between the two servers ?? say to them
    put the servers on NAT network beside connecting the two servers with Ethernet network card through cross cable (for heartbeat to use) ???

    how to know that my OS kernel support IPVS ???

    please anyone could help me to do that

    this Linux-HA will be implemented on two servers for loadbalancing apache on Centos 5

    & all accept my best regards
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  2. Mark_NL

    Mark_NL Member

    master-master .. active-passive .. hmm ..

    i wouldn't start using master-master if you don't know what you're doing.

    So you want to have HA apache, and a master-slave setup for mysql?
    What are you going to do when server 1 (mysql master goes down?)

    some simple HA setup's i use DRBD for the replication of the data, as soon as the master server goes down we make the slave a master and run it from there ..

    also, ultramonkey is a dead project have a look at keepalived ( for load balancing and pacemaker for failover .. much better imho
  3. HuMaN-BiEnG

    HuMaN-BiEnG New Member

    hello Mark ,,

    first thanks for answering me

    i will promote the Passive (which is really acts as a master) server to be a master

    lets clarify the point, & tell you what i want to do to help me much better ,

    i want to load balance between two nodes, through sharing the requests to apache on both servers & if one fail then the other will work

    about pacemaker & keepalived ,i dont say that they are not good softwares, but i will have to study again on new software & decide which one i should use, then i will get to the same problem can i use any of this softwares to direct only mysql writes to Active server, while redirecting mysql reads to be shared between Active & Passive ???

    please could anyone help me

    thanks for everyone
  4. HuMaN-BiEnG

    HuMaN-BiEnG New Member

    Hello Mark ,,

    pacemaker & keepalived are more advanced ,so they are much more bettert than Ultramonkey

    cuz i have too little experience on both networking & HA & also because i planned to use Ultramonkey & also i have no time for more days spent on studying

    i will use Ultramonkey, so please if yoy have a solution for me in my this simple project then you can help me, or any other one here can do

    thanks alot & accept my best regards
  5. Mark_NL

    Mark_NL Member

    Why did you study on a piece of software that's dead for more then 5 years? Not that smart, but oke, ..

    I'd set up LB on the webservers, and HA DRBD mysql underneath (just sync a partition if you don't have 2 extra discs) .. if the master server dies, transfer the VIP to the slave server and that one will run as master database.

    redirecting mysql queries to different servers is possible with mysql-proxy, or write your own database wrapper in (f.e. php)
  6. Mark_NL

    Mark_NL Member

    I think your way over your head here in what you want, start of easier..
    If you don't have more time to study, you should've started earlier :p
  7. HuMaN-BiEnG

    HuMaN-BiEnG New Member

    you are right, but i need this project & i need help in the same time

    thanks for answering me Mark ,,

    accept my best regards
  8. HuMaN-BiEnG

    HuMaN-BiEnG New Member

    no one here can help me ???

    are my questions are so hard to have no answer ???

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