Manual migration from exim.

Discussion in 'General' started by ozgurerdogan, Feb 28, 2020.

  1. ozgurerdogan

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    I will need to (manually) migrate from mails from exim (directadmin) to ISPConfig. Problem is I do not know mail accounts' password. Is it possible somehow manually copy and paste password hash from exim to postfix after I create mail accounts. I remember time I did from / to exim.
    Any hint?
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    Depends on how your passwords for exim are saved. Usually only the password hashes are saved so both systems need to use the same hash algorithm. ISPconfig saves the credentials in an MySQL database, so you could just overwrite them in the corresponding table. If it is only a few dozens, it could even be faster to do this by hand than to write a convert script ;)
    But this will only work, when the hashing algorithm is the same.
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  3. ozgurerdogan

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    Thank you man. You showed me the sign. I simply copied hash from directadmin to isp's database. And was able to login from webmail. It worked. I do not have to know current password with this way.
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