mandriva directory server on debian lenny

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  1. maumar

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    I am trying to install mds on lenny without success. is not suffcient to install on lenny.
    I start this thread to collect some notes and corrections to this howto.


    is wrong. In lenny libsasl2, unzoo and dcc-client are not avaliable.
    libsasl2 should be changed in libsasl2-2. For the others 2, they should be delisted.

    For unzoo on lenny, please see this

    For dcc-client please see this
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  2. maumar

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    using backend bdb is wrong, using it i get errors.
    Instead, with hdb backend slapdcat does work fine.
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  3. maumar

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    during installation, dpkg-config doeas create slapd db and initialize it, thus it is recommended to use hdb instead of bdb
  4. maumar

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  5. maumar

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    as soon as you issue:
    do not run to check if Administrator account was created issuing:
    pdbedit -L -v

    but be quite and continue with
    After rebboting, issuing
    u will get:
    Administrator:x:0:512:Netbios Domain Administrator:/home/Administrator:/bin/false

    at last, Domain Administrator is there!
  6. dexter1983

    dexter1983 New Member

    thanq you!

    That's good news, but you mange to have a fully working server on debian lenny with mds?!

    I 've search over the internet for a fully installation tutorial, but with no succes.
  7. dexter1983

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  8. maumar

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    I was not interested into postfix and mail system, what I tried to get was samb+ldap as Domain Controller, not more not less.

    And at the end, I got it.
  9. dexter1983

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    Thanq for your reply!

    What about missing package?
    How stable is your server? I mean I you update mmc with new version it is ok.
    How did you rezolv with poledit for windows xp pc.
    I 've ry to join on samba domain a linux station, but no succes, to e more exactly: ubuntu desktop using likewize wizard.

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