maldet not sending emails on scans but send on manual request on report

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by lonerunner, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. lonerunner

    lonerunner Member

    So i am having maldet running on daily scans and i am not getting emails sent of scan reports, also when i run manual scans maldet finish scan but not sending email reports. But when i want to send report manually it works.

    I did check manuals and followed up on instructions but still nothing.

    In conf.maldet

    email_addr="[email protected]"

    And emails are not sent, i can see in logs that maldet is running daily.

    Also when i hit command manually for example: maldet -a /folder/ emails are not sent.

    In logs of maldet, i see all different logs but nothing about email, also nothing in email logs.

    When i trigger sending report manually on email, it's sent so:

    maldet --report REPORTID [email protected]

    it works i receive email reports on my mail.
  2. lonerunner

    lonerunner Member

    Still no one had this problem before?
  3. ruliezz

    ruliezz Member

    Is there a mail server running on your server e.g. postfix?
  4. lonerunner

    lonerunner Member

    Yes i have postfix installed, i have ISPConfig on that server and all services are working fine, i can send and receive emails normally fromt hat server. only maldet is not sending, and i take a look in email logs too, but there's no mention that maldet is even trying to send mail.
  5. Taleman

    Taleman Well-Known Member HowtoForge Supporter

    What does that configuration mean?
    I know nothing about maldet, and could not find documentation on the github page. If indeed I found the same maldet you have.
  6. lonerunner

    lonerunner Member

    There is a readme file on maldet installation and it says

    The configuration of LMD is handled through /usr/local/maldetect/conf.maldet
    and all options are well commented for ease of configuration.
    And in conf.maldet it's documented like this

    # Enable or disable e-mail alerts, this includes application version
    # alerts as well as automated/manual scan reports. On-demand reports
    # can still be sent using '--report SCANID [email protected]'.
    # [0 = disabled, 1 = enabled]
    # The destination e-mail addresses for automated/manual scan reports
    # and application version alerts.
    # [ multiple addresses comma (,) spaced ]
    email_addr="[email protected]"
    # Ignore e-mail alerts for scan reports in which all malware hits
    # have been automatically and successfully cleaned.
    # [0 = disabled, 1 = enabled]

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