Making user admin stopped mail delivery

Discussion in 'General' started by devkev, Sep 11, 2009.

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    I just had a weird experience with ISPConfig. I needed to give my boss ftp access to a domain on our server so I made her account an admin in ISPConfig. That was yesterday. Today I came in and she was complaining about not getting her mail. It was the same account that I had made an admin yesterday. I'm not really sure how ISPConfig works. I think it takes the emails from /var/mail/ and puts them in /var/www/domain/users/domain_user/Maildir. I could see all her missing emails in /var/mail/. In the domain's directory there was a symbolic link to her Maildir. In /var/log/mail.err it was complaining about a suspicious rcfile .procmailrc in the domain's directory. When I looked at the .procmailrc I noticed it had her user account as the owner. Thats what made me think it had something to do with me making her an admin. So I unchecked admin from her account, and sure enough she started getting email again. Though she never got the missing emails, they seem to be locked in /var/mail, but at least she can get new mail now.

    Any ideas on why this happened? I tried searching around but couldn't find anything out. Should I be worried about giving admin access to accounts that are receiving emails?

    Thanks for any help.
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    Can you post the output of
    ls -la /var/www/domain/

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